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Jonas Unden is a photographer from Cologne, Germany, who traveled to LA for two months in summer 2019. A few days after his arrival he came up with the idea for a conceptual body of work captured in the scenery of Los Angeles. He teamed up with 8 models and actors to realize 14 conceptual portrait series, each telling a different story. The photos are accompanied by self-written texts inspired by different encounters Jonas experienced on his trip.

'destruction, destruction.' has a glossy, polished and vibrant surface, but it carries distress and sorrow underneath it. It sheds a different light on the seeming glamour of LA. The city that symbolizes big dreams, desire for love and the perfect life. What if the place where you're able to release your inner passions the most is also the place where you actually let go the least.

14 conceptual portrait series
99 photos
68 pages
paper: 170g/m²


"I found myself prejudging him as a rather superficial person just because of his looks combined with his profession as a model and actor (which technically makes me the superficial one).
But as we met up to talk about a possible collaboration, he proved me wrong already after a few minutes. A pensive, considerate and selfless person whose mind is filled with novel and offbeat thoughts.

I’m sure Nicky Von Gavin is about to fuck the whole industry with his love for grungy aesthetics as well as unconventional ideas - and I’m here for it."

- Jonas Unden (Nixzum Anziehen)


Can be ordered signed or unsigned, please specify if you would like the photo to be signed to someone directly and/or if you would like a personal message. No extra charge/fee. 

destruction, destruction. (photobook by Jonas Unden)

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