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Nicky von Gavin is an actor, professional wrestler, and model. Von Gavin is trained under Seth Rollins, Brian Kendrick, Marek Brave, and mentored by Candice Michelle. In acting, von Gavin is coached by Holly Gagnier.  


Von Gavin got his start by modeling and walking for fashion weeks. He then started to coach with Holly Gagnier in Los Angeles, but with the pandemic hitting quickly after, von Gavin made the decision to start his professional wrestling career. In 2021, von Gavin started training with Seth Rollins and Marek Brave. He then made his debut in 2022, traveling nonstop, continuing his wrestling career, until taking an indefinite hiatus in early 2023. 

Von Gavin decided to take an indefinite hiatus from wrestling. Shortly after von Gavin made his decision to step away from wrestling, von Gavin landed the role of Kyle Mulaney in "Halloween: Aftermath." Set to come out October 2025. 

Here is a quote from German photographer, Jonas Unden, who shot a spread of Von Gavin:

“I found myself prejudging him, but as we met up, he proved me wrong just after a few minutes. A pensive, considerate and selfless person whose mind is filled with novel and offbeat thoughts. I’m sure Nicky von Gavin is about to fuck the whole industry with his old-school love for grungy aesthetics as well as unconventional ideas - and I’m here for it" - Jonas Unden

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